What Do We Do?

We are an Export Management Company (EMC), an independent private company acting as an export department for several non-competing manufacturers and suppliers. As an EMC we can act either as a local or foreign-owned sales firm, operate on a commission (as an agent), or on a fee basis (as a consultant), or even taking possession of the goods for direct export (as a distributor). We appoint sales representatives in importing countries, promote goods and services of our clients, arrange transportation, provide warranties and after-sales-services, through a series of expert partnerships.

Product Introduction

Quality market research services and your product presented to real buyers, with complete knowledge of your type of products!

The Business Incubator Center

Total support for small and medium-sized foreign companies wishing to enter the USA. Transportation is available all over America. It is your office away from home.

Products Distribution

Good logistics, promotion commercial and agricultural warehousing, distribution. Texas is in the center of the nation, having a robust transportation system to deliver your products nation-wide.

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