Business Incubation Center

A Business Incubator Center

Total support for small and medium-sized foreign companies wishing to enter the USA. Enjoy the American recovery by exporting your products without language barrier, with support you can trust! Learn more...

Merger and M&A

Merger, Joint Venture?

More than never politics and challenges to free trade appears on the horizon. As a consequence, entrepreneurs struggle to find the best market conditions for their products and/or services, both domestically and internationally. A Merger and Acquisition (M&A) of your business may be the solution. Trust this to us! Learn more...

Direct Investment

Direct Investment/Real Estate

Buying a property in the USA is a lot easier than people imagine. With a valid tourist visa and passport, it is possible to enter the country, choose a property and close the deal. Then continue to open an account with some American bank and open a company that owns a property. Take advantage of the U.S. real estate market come back, for your family or investment. Learn more...


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